YC.LA10.02 Seismograms 2014 (Texas Brine)

IRIS Webicorder
Network YC : Texas Brine Corporation Louisiana Seismic Network
Station : LA10 : TBC Oxy 3 Pad, Belle Rose, Louisiana
Latitude : 30.01, Longitude : -91.14
Elevation : 2m
Instrument : Trillium Compact 3000 V/m/s
Location : 02
Channel : EHZ (200 sps)

The Texas Brine Network produces a day long graph of signals, via the IRIS DMC. This station may show some large global quakes also, usually shown as a long low wavy line. Unless marked with the location the majority of the traces are within 100km of LA11 in the Bayou Corne area.

Each graph is identified on the image itself by the day number 1-365, and you can look up the Gregorian equivalent date using this table. Click on image for larger version which starts the gallery viewer.


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